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The Ultimate Guide to Running Giveaways and Contests to Grow Your Audience

Giveaways and contests are incredibly effective for rapidly growing an audience. By providing the chance to win prizes, you incentivize people to follow you, share your brand, and opt in to hear more. Contests convert interested visitors into invested followers. But running a successful giveaway requires thought and effort. Here is a comprehensive guide to maximize your next contest or giveaway:

Choose a Relevant Prize
The prize you offer should appeal strongly to your target demographic and niche. Consider trendy products, gift cards, memberships, or experiences. You could give away your own products or services to attract perfect customers.

Set Achievable Entry Requirements
To enter your giveaway, you can require following you on social media, share a post, tagging friends, sign up for your newsletter, watch a video, or any other action that spreads awareness and grows your reach. Just ensure the barrier to entry is relatively simple so you get maximum sign-ups.

Pick the Right Platform
Run your giveaway primarily where your audience is most active. This may be Instagram, Facebook, email, Twitter, TikTok, or a landing page. You can use multi-platform promotions too. Consider the pros and cons of each.

Promote Across All Channels
Announce your giveaway everywhere – email lists, social media, paid ads, influencers, etc. Share frequently during the entry period, not just once. Promote individual entry methods, too – ask for tags, shares, and follows.

Create Hype Beforehand
Build anticipation by announcing the giveaway a week or so before the official entry start date. Share tantalizing preview images of prizes. Airs of exclusivity help too. This drives early buzz.

Make Entry Frictionless
Streamline the signup process so entering is quick and seamless. If using a landing page, limit required fields and use social login options. Or auto-enter email subscribers. Minimize barriers.

Remind People to Enter
Keep the giveaway top of mind throughout the entry period with regular reminders to enter before time runs out. Share a countdown timer to urgency.

Give it a Hashtag.
Craft a branded hashtag like #YourBrandGiveaway for people to include when they post about your contest. This extends reach and awareness.

Showcase User-Generated Content
As users generate posts about your giveaway, re-share this creative content. User-generated content lends authenticity and excites potential entrants.

Determine a Winner Fairly
Random selection apps like Rafflecopter make choosing fairly easy. For social contests, use a formula like selecting the 25th commenter. Be transparent about the selection method upfront.

Announce the Winner
Let all entrants know who won using the platforms you used to promote the contest. Thank everyone for participating, and encourage them to keep following.

Run Them Regularly
Giveaways shouldn’t be one-off occasions. Host them consistently to gain continual growth. Quarterly or monthly giveaways can sustain momentum.

Contests and giveaways allow you to rapidly expand your audience, email list, social reach, and brand awareness when leveraged strategically. Apply these tips for your next giveaway and watch your following grow.

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Get A Passive Income Tip Twice A Week
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