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The Complete Guide to Gating Content for Email List Growth

Gating valuable content behind an email signup wall primes leads to convert into subscribers in exchange for accessing your offerings. This tactic works by positioning your content as exclusive while capturing lead information. Follow these tips for gating content effectively and email list growth:

Choose High-Value Content for Email List Growth
Gate only genuinely useful, in-demand content. Don’t undermine trust with lackluster content quality. Supplement gated content with some free resources too.

Match Gated Content to List Goals
Tailor gated pieces to the interests and jobs to be done of your ideal subscriber avatar. Targeted content attracts qualified leads.

Gate Sections, Not Entire Pieces
For long-form content, consider gating just a few special sections or chapters rather than the entire piece. This balances value.

Clearly Convey the Value Exchange
Communicate exactly which exclusive information readers will unlock by providing their email. Be transparent about the value exchange.

Make Sure Content Lives Up to the Hype
Overpromising underwhelming content erodes trust and increases unsubscribes. Ensure gated content delivers everything described.

Simplify and Shorten Forms for Email List Growth
Keep signup forms short with just essential fields like email, first name, and option to claim content. Minimize barriers to entry.

Send Confirmation Emails
Upon signup to access gated content, send a confirmation email, content download instructions, and quick onboarding value.

Delay Gated Content Access
Consider a built-in 7-day delay before gated access to foster more organic relationship-building through your onboarding emails.

Promote Gated Content
Prominently promote and remind visitors across your site whose in-demand content sits behind your signup wall.

Monitor Conversions
Track signup rates vs. exits to improve. A high exit rate may signal ineffective gating. Continue refining your approach over time.

Gating the right content builds email lists, but gating poorly backfires. Be selective, communicative, and strategic with access restrictions.

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