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Roll out the red carpet because we’re about to dive into some YouTube wisdom!

Are you daydreaming about owning a money-making YouTube channel but can’t figure out where to start? Well, hold tight because I’m about to hand you a roadmap to launching your own profitable YouTube channel. And guess what? You can kick things off with less than 50 bucks! Woohoo! 🎉

Let’s start with a no-brainer – your channel will be a cash cow when your revenue exceeds your costs. Sounds pretty straightforward, right?

Take, for instance, the channel, Saving Savers. These folks are raking in over $5k a month! Want to know their secret sauce? Well, here it is: They use StoryBlocks for video footage ($20/month), record audio with a smartphone mic (free, baby!), craft their own scripts (again, absolutely free!), and use Canva to create eye-catching thumbnails (you guessed it – free!).

If you’re ready to roll up your sleeves, you could run a similar gig for less than $20 monthly. But if you’d rather sit back and delegate, outsourcing it all will set you back around $70-100. Not too shabby!

So you’ve got a channel. Now what? Time to monetize, my friend! Your best bets are offering courses, becoming an affiliate, or providing services. You’d be amazed how many small channels pocket $5k or more monthly. Here’s the simple math: Let’s say you have an affiliate link in your video’s description and pinned comment, and each affiliate sale gives you a $50 commission. If just 1% of your 10,000 viewers bite, you’re looking at a $5k monthly. Sweet!

Next up, let’s talk content. You want videos that people will watch, right? TubeBuddy can help you target popular videos, find “cracks,” or rank for low-competition keywords. Aim for a score of 70 or higher, and watch your views climb!

Now, the key to your channel’s success? Consistency! So, create a content plan that fits your schedule. If you’re swamped, consider outsourcing parts of your process. Head to Upwork, create an account, post a job, sift through applications, and hire the best fit.

And voilà! You’ve just unlocked the secrets to creating your own profitable YouTube channel!

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Get A Passive Income Tip Twice A Week
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