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Maximize Your Creativity: 10 Essential AI Features in Canva You Wish You Knew Sooner

Canva, with over 125 million users worldwide, offers a vast array of AI features that can help you unlock your creative potential. Many users may not be aware of these game-changing features that can elevate your designs to the next level. Here are the ten AI features in Canva you’ll wish you’d known sooner:

  1. Background Remover
    Canva’s background remover allows you to isolate the subject of your photo, removing the background with just a click. Simply upload your image, click the ‘edit’ button, and select the ‘background remover.’
  2. Photo Enhancer
    Make your images look professionally edited without the need for complex editing software. Upload your photo and then click on ‘edit image’ and ‘enhance’ to automatically adjust the lighting and focus.
  3. Color Palette Generator
    Generate a customized color palette in seconds. Upload your image, click on ‘colors’ and you’ll see a color palette generated based on the dominant colors in your image.
  4. Animation Creator
    Bring life to your designs with animations. Choose an element, click on ‘animate’, then draw the animation path. It’s a great way to make your designs more engaging.
  5. Magic Write
    Magic Write assists you with generating text for your designs. On a new doc, type “/” and select ‘Magic Write’. Input your prompt and watch as it generates text tailored to your needs.
  6. Magic Design
    This feature allows you to redesign an uploaded image quickly. Select ‘Add to Template’ after uploading your image, where you can modify the style and headline.
  7. AI Translation Tool
    Canva’s AI translation tool enables you to translate your design into various languages. Upload your design, click ‘Apps,’ then ‘Translate,’ and select your target language.
  8. Magic Replace
    With Magic Replace, you can replace a selected area in your image. After uploading your image, select ‘edit photo’ and then ‘magic edit.’ Highlight the area you want to replace and then write what you want it to be replaced with.
  9. AI Music
    Add a unique soundtrack to your design. Go to ‘Apps’, search for ‘Soundraw’, and open it. From there, you can select your Mood, Genre, Theme, and Length for a tailor-made piece of music.
  10. Magic Presentations
    Last but not least, Magic Presentations help you craft impressive presentations with ease. In a new presentation, click on ‘Magic Design’, type in your presentation outline, and watch as Canva creates a design that fits your needs.

Unleashing the full power of Canva can truly revolutionize your design experience. Explore these features, and you’ll soon wonder how you worked without them.

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