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How to Leverage Market Research on Competing Ebooks to Position Your Title for Success

Conducting in-depth research on current bestselling ebooks and leading competitors is crucial before finalizing your topic and writing process. Analyzing what’s working in your niche informs positioning and chapter planning. Here are tips for effectively researching the ebook market:

Identify Top Sellers in Your Niche

List the top 10-20 bestselling ebooks in your broader niche on platforms like Amazon, Apple Books, Google Play, Kobo, and Barnes & Noble Nook. Consider various related subcategories and keyword searches.

Catalog Key Data Points

For each competing title, catalog useful intel such as publisher, length, price points, categories, keywords, publish date, reviews, rankings, cover design, and other available sales data. Track this info in a spreadsheet.

Summarize the Core Offer

Read or skim through previews of each ebook to determine their core topic, promise to readers, format, and angle on the issue. Make notes on their scope, approach, strengths, and differentiators.

Outline Their Structure

Analyze the competitor’s table of contents and overall book structure. What content is included? How is it sequenced and organized? Does any content seem lacking? Outlining their approach provides a useful perspective.

Assess Author Credibility

Research each author’s credentials, expertise, positioning, and reader perception based on reviews and bios. Credibility clues you in on how to frame your own qualifications.

Evaluate the Writing and Tone

Note the competitor’s writing style, messaging, personality, and overall tone. Is it formal, casual, or humorous? Does the voice resonate or seem artificial? The takeaways inform how to craft your own tone.

Examine Reviews for Reader Feedback

Read through user reviews for constructive feedback on what readers liked or felt was missing from the competing title that your book can improve upon. Reviews reveal gaps.

Uncover Complimentary Titles

Look beyond direct competitors to books readers may purchase in conjunction with yours. Identify opportunities to position your ebook as the perfect companion read.

By analyzing competing works’ content, authors, and reader response, you gain invaluable context to sharpen your own ebook concept, angle, tone, and framework for maximum differentiation and impact.

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Get A Passive Income Tip Twice A Week
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