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How to Grow Your Audience by Following and Engaging Influencers in Your Niche

Consistently engaging with influencers and thought leaders in your industry is extremely effective for expanding your own audience and network. You get on their radar and build relationships by interacting regularly with their content and social media. This leads to collaborations, shoutouts, and overlapping audiences. Here are strategies to actively follow and engage influencers in your niche:

Identify Relevant Influencers
List the top influencers, brands, and thought leaders in your space. Consider popularity, domain authority, engagement levels, target audience, and quality of content. Follow them on their primary social platforms.

Set Aside Time Daily
You need to dedicate at least 30-60 minutes daily specifically for engaging with influencers. Add this outreach time to your calendar and treat it like an essential marketing task, not an afterthought.

Comment Thoughtfully on Posts
Look for opportunities to provide value by commenting on their content and social media updates. Avoid 1-2 word comments. Offer insightful, specific observations that show you paid close attention.

Share Posts and Amplify Messages
Routinely re-share content from influencers that you find valuable and relevant to your own audience. Help amplify their messages and expand their reach.

Give Social Media Feedback
Look for polls or questions in Stories and Reels where you can provide feedback. Be among the first to vote in Twitter polls or react to Instagram questions to show you’re highly engaged.

Send Quick Compliments
If an influencer releases a great new piece of content, send a quick complimentary DM on social media to show appreciation. Keep it short. Don’t pitch.

Ask Relevant Questions
Respond to “Ask Me Anything” boxes or prompts by asking thoughtful questions related to their expertise, brand, or topics they cover. Don’t ask blatantly promotional questions.

Offer Your Perspective
When appropriate, share your own experiences, advice, lessons learned, and suggestions on discussions they start. Provide your perspective without dominating the conversation.

Like, Share, Comment Daily
Build community by consistently liking, commenting, and sharing an influencer’s posts – not just when you need something. Avoid stalking or spamming. Focus on value.

Tag Them When Relevant
If you create content that references an influencer or relates to a topic they’ve covered, politely tag them to put it on their radar.

The key is consistency. Dedicate time daily to nurture genuine connections and demonstrate your value. With strategic engagement, you become part of an influencer’s community. This pays dividends through overlapping audiences.

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Get A Passive Income Tip Twice A Week
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