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From YouTube To Article with ChatGPT: The Easy Way

AI is transforming the way we create content. With platforms like ChatGPT, you can turn a YouTube video into a full-length article with audio and images and generate an article with ChatGPT. This process leverages AI plugins to save you time and effort. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you navigate the process.

Step 1: Get Started with ChatGPT+

Begin by navigating to ChatGPT+. Once you’re there, you need to go to the plugin store. Here, install the following three plugins:

Step 2: Choose Your YouTube Video

In this step, choose a YouTube video you want to transform into an article. Just make sure that the video has captions. This is important because you will use these captions to generate the text for your article.

Step 3: Input Your Prompt

For this step, you will need to input your prompt into ChatGPT, replacing the YouTube link in the prompt with the link to the video you’ve selected.

Step 4: Generate the Article Text

With the prompt in place, ChatGPT will start working its magic. Sit back and watch as it generates the article text.

Step 5: Get Creative with Images and Audio

If ChatGPT hasn’t already done so, you will need to explain the details of your images. If you’re unsure what to ask for, simply type in “Surprise me” and let the AI do the work for you. The plugin will not only generate the images but will also create the audio for your article.

And just like that, you’ve used AI to create an entire article with audio and images. It’s simple, efficient, and fun.

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Get A Passive Income Tip Twice A Week
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