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How to Create a $2000/Month Membership Site for Free: A 6-Step Guide

In a digital age where opportunities for earning passive income are abundant, membership sites have become a popular choice. They offer a steady stream of revenue and the chance to build a community around your passion. The best part? You can create one without breaking the bank. In this guide, we’ll show you how to build a $2000/month membership site for absolutely free, even if you have a small audience. Let’s dive into the six essential steps that will take you from concept to a thriving online community.

Step 3: Build a Landing Page
Your membership site’s success begins with a compelling landing page that reflects your offer. We recommend using Carrd for this task. Carrd provides a range of templates, making it easy to set up an aesthetically pleasing landing page at no cost.

Step 4: Connect Your Payment Gateway
For handling payments, we’ll turn to Stripe. This payment gateway is not only free but also widely trusted and used. It allows you to set up recurring payments with ease, ensuring a seamless revenue flow.

Step 5: Build Your Membership Site
Discord is our platform of choice for building the membership site itself. Here’s why:

  • It’s free, making it cost-effective.
  • You can add courses and discussion channels, fostering engagement.
  • It offers the ability to host live webinars, boosting interactivity within the community.

This is where your community thrives, learns, and connects.

Step 6: Use a “Wins” Channel for Social Proof
Creating a “wins” channel within your Discord community is essential. Here’s why it matters:

  • Members can share their victories, motivating and boosting morale.
  • You, as the owner, can leverage these wins as compelling case studies.

Tools like @senjahq can simplify this process.

Work Backward for Pricing
Setting the right pricing is key to your membership’s success. If your goal is $2000 a month, you can achieve it through various models:

  • 10 members at $200 a month
  • 100 members at $20 a month
  • 50 members at $40 a month

It all depends on the value you provide. Additionally, consider adding:

  • Upsells for 1-on-1 coaching
  • Monthly cohort upgrades
  • Paid or free office hours

Your membership site is yours to shape according to your vision.

Creating a successful membership site doesn’t have to cost a fortune. By following these six steps, you can develop a thriving online community, provide value to your members, and earn a steady income, all without spending a dime. Remember, it’s not about the size of your audience; it’s about the value you provide. Build your membership site your way and watch it flourish.

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Get A Passive Income Tip Twice A Week
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