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How Investing in Professional Ebook Design Maximizes Passive Income Potential

professional ebook design

While DIY ebook creation seems frugal, poorly designed covers and layouts scream amateur hour. However, investing in pro ebook design services results in a polished product that builds your credibility and converts more readers into buyers and promoters. Here are the key benefits of hiring pros:

Gain an Eye-Catching Cover
Covers with amateurish design repel readers. Pro designers create high-impact ebook covers integrating strong typography, imagery, color palette, and branding that signal authority and stop scrolling.

Access Custom Graphics
Commission original illustrations, photography, icons, and charts to elevate your content visually. Pros create custom graphics tailored to your book vs. bland stock imagery.

Learn Layout Best Practices
Proper formatting of paragraphs, fonts, images, and headers is crucial for readability. Designers are experts in layout optimization best practices for various ebook retailers.

Nail the Style Your Brand Needs
Experienced designers understand how to craft designs that align with and enhance your specific brand image, personality, and positioning through cohesive visual identity.

Enjoy a Visual Refresh
If repurposing existing content, a graphic refresh modernizes and brings new life to the material. Original assets also help you re-copyright content.

Gain Objective Feedback
Design collaboration provides an outside perspective to assess areas for improvement in title, subtitle, covers, and content flow before publishing.

Understand the Retailer’s Requirements
Every major ebook retailer has technical specifications for submitting EPUB files, cover dimensions, etc. Designers are familiar with seamlessly optimizing assets for each.

Save Significant Time
Hiring out design work frees up your schedule to focus energy on writing great content instead of struggling with technical, creative tasks.

Build Your Design Library
Well-designed assets like branding, illustrations, graphics, and photos can be repurposed for your other products, website, and promotions even after the ebook.

The small upfront investment in pro design equips you to publish an ebook positioned for sales success versus one that underwhelms. And strong sales growth fuels greater passive income.

Get A Passive Income Tip Twice A Week
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Get A Passive Income Tip Twice A Week
Direct To Your Inbox

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