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Explore the Power of GPT-4 for Free With These 7 Platforms

The latest advancements in artificial intelligence have given birth to extraordinary language models like GPT-4, opening up unprecedented possibilities in natural language processing. If you’re intrigued by the potential of GPT-4, but the subscription fee is a roadblock, this article is for you. We will walk you through seven platforms where you can access GPT-4 entirely for free.

1. HuggingFace

HuggingFace is renowned for its extensive collection of language models. You can explore the power of GPT-4 by simply navigating to the “Models” tab on the top menu bar.


Another platform that gives you free access to GPT-4 is is a user-friendly platform that lets you build language model applications in a chat interface. You can explore GPT-4 at

3. is a tool developed by Nat Friedman, former CEO of GitHub. The platform allows you to use GPT-4 for free and even compare its capabilities with other language models.

4. Poe

Poe is a multi-model platform by Quora that houses models like Sage, GPT3, Dragonfly, Claude, and Claude+. To use GPT-4 for free, visit Poe’s homepage, click the GPT-4 button, and start typing your message.

5. Merlin

Merlin offers free access to GPT-4 across all your favorite sites. Whether you’re writing email replies, summarizing website content, or brainstorming new content ideas, Merlin has you covered.

6. WNR

WNR is a platform that simplifies generating GPT-4 powered prompts. It’s easy to use, and the best part is it’s 100% free.

All these platforms have one thing in common – they offer you the power of GPT-4 at no cost. These resources can be an excellent starting point for those experimenting with language models. If you found this article valuable, consider sharing it with others interested in AI. And don’t forget to follow our blog for more insightful content on AI.

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